Mayan Creation Stories and The End of the Calendar

The Mayan Long Count Calendar ends on December 21, 2012. While some claim it will be the end of the world, some say a new era will begin, while still others believe nothing at all of value will happen.

The Maya have a sacred text called the Popol Vuh. This tells the story of the creations associated with each long count cycle thus far. In the first, the gods created plants and animals. They were pleased, but discovered the birds and land creatures did not have the ability to speak and therefore could not praise and worship them. The second attempt at creating a subservient creature led to the first humans. The gods constructed them out of mud, but they were unpleasing to the eye and unintelligent so the gods allowed them to melt away in the rain. The third creation by the gods was humans made of wood. These creatures had no blood or brains and therefore did not give the gods the respect they desired and deserved. This upset the gods and they allowed the animals to turn on these humans and beat them until they hid in the woods. The final stage of the Popol Vuh was the creation of the fully functional human out of corn. This is the stage we are currently in and why there is so much speculation about what will happen when it ends.

Author Jose Arguelles believes the end date will bring about a catastrophic change to our planet followed by a golden age for those that survive. Mayan scholar David Stuart completely disagrees and says the Mayans made no such prediction about the end of the world and a “transformation of consciousness”. Many others think the end of the long count calendar has no more significance than the end of our calendar every December and that the cycles will simply turn over and start again with no noticeable change in our world or its people.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the Thoughts of a Mayan Elder!

Sources: The Popol Vuh, CBC News



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