Asteroid Impact

Image courtesy Don Davis, NASA

A devastating asteroid strike that could end all life on our planet…we know that it has happened before and it is bound to happen again, but will it be within our lifetime?

The asteroid that crashed into Earth ending the reign of the dinosaurs is estimated to be roughly nine miles wide. While NASA scientists say nothing so large is looming in our path today, they are tracking several hundred objects considered potentially hazardous to our planet.

In fact, in the last decade ten asteroids ranging from five to fifty meters have missed us by less than the distance to the moon. In 1989, one object 300 meters wide crossed Earth’s path where we stood merely six hours before. So what happens if one of these does collide with our planet?

Hundreds of thousands of people would die on impact, and those who survived would have a rough road ahead of them. The shock of the collision would cause massive earthquakes and tidal waves. A cloud of debris would shoot miles into our atmosphere blanketing the world from sunlight. The earth would be unbearably cold and plant life would cease to grow. Food would be scarce and we can only imagine how the survivors might turn on one another for what is left.

Stay tuned for survival tips and Asteroids in Hollywood. Don’t forget to check out other Ways Our World Could Actually End.

Sources:, Mother Nature Network, How Stuff Works, Megacatastrophes!


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